Découvrez le football américain grâce à l'équipe des Vikings de Vienne

Afin de faire découvrir le football américain, l'équipe des Vikkings de Vienne invite les élèves* au prochain match à domicile contre les Tyrolean Raiders le 1er juin 2024 à la Generali Arena pour une expérience inoubliable !

Plus de détail à venir très prochainement ! 


Mais qui sont les Vikings de Vienne ? 

  European League of Football


American Football and Vienna Vikings are unstoppable in Europe


American Football is currently the fastest growing sport in Europe. For this reason we want to give you the „once in a lifetime chance“ to participate in this promising development!


First season in the ELF – First Championship Title for the Vienna Vikings!


In 2022 Europe began a unique success story:


Just starting to play in the ELF Saison 2021/22 the Vienna Vikings became Champions in their first year!

The Vienna Vikings American Football Club has a big tradition in Austria and was founded 40 years ago. But not only tradition is a trademark of the Vienna Vikings. The club has the highest reputation for running the best youth academy in Europe for many years. Therefore, they were already able to transfer numerous of our players to US-Colleges. But the most impressive milestone in Vienna Vikings history was achieved by the best American Football player who ever played in Austria. 2 years ago, the former Vienna Vikings player Bernhard Raimann was the first Austrian player to find his way to the American National Football League directly through the NFL draft. Raimann is now playing for the NFL Team Indianapolis Colts.


The Viking players live a strong brotherhood and the unique and positive environment in this club is the key to their success.