The association

The APE was founded in 1961 by the parents of the students and is a voluntary, non-political, totally independent and non-profit association.


The primary objective of the APE is to represent the collective interests of the parents to the faculty, administration and school management of the high school, as well as official bodies, in order to promote the development and academic success of all students.


Become an APE member ... because nothing is possible without you!

- Secular and non-political: the APE is open to all parents of students, regardless of their nationality and the language spoken.

- Democratic: the more members the APE has, the stronger its representativeness towards the school, the different committees and to the outside world.  

- We are all volunteer parents who work in our free time to ensure that all children attend school at the Lycée français de Vienne under the best possible conditions.

Become a member 

How can you support APE?

- Paying the membership fee and becoming a member is the first and easiest option ;-).

- You can also get involved selectively by taking care of an event,

- Or by caring about a specific issue,

- Or by coming to our meetings to discuss and share your opinion.

- Of course, any contribution is welcome and if you give us more time, we will have the opportunity to tackle many more projects, especially those that are close to your heart.


Don't hesitate to contact us by emailing


How much does the membership fee cost?


For only 25,- € per family and year you become a member of APE, can vote at the general assembly and are an elected parent in every official committee of the LFV. 

Become a member of APE by paying dues now 

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Suggestions ? remarks ? Questions ?

You have suggestions, remarks, ideas, questions. Do not hesitate to contact us by writing to

All input is welcome.

We are parent volunteers - not professionals - and we all work full time. We often don't have enough time to carry out all of our ideas.

And if you see a typo - then please contact us -)

Thank you for your time.