Increased book rental and library fees 23/24

Message from the President of the APE on October 19, 2023 : 


"Many of you have asked us about the very significant increase in the invoiced feed for book rental and access to library at secondary level.

Until a few days ago, the price lists on the LFV website did not include the new library fees, which undoubtedly added to the confusion for some parents. This oversight has been recently corrected on the site.

Among others the following related issues have been raised by number of parents:
-The lack of access to e-books in the middle school this year, unlike last year, has also been the subject of much negative feedback from families.
- The limited access to the library for secondary school students is experienced by all.
- The need for families to purchase reading materials directly.
- The general condition of the books loaned out each year - an average of 6 or 8.
- The new public price of these books


Whereas , at secondary level , the introduction as of this year of library fee in addition to the lecture books have resulted in the doubling of this line on your first invoice as compared to last year.  

We would like to take this opportunity  to inform you that the APE, representing you at preparatory meetings with the Finance Direction  and at the plenary “Conseil d’Établissement”  held in November 2022, have made it very clear that the very substantial increase in fees, would be difficult to understand,for the parents, in a context in which the incomes of both parents and LFV staff have certainly not been revised in the same proportions. This is particularly true, among others, for :
- Tuition fees: +9.3%
- Canteen fees: +12% for kindergarten, +8.5% for elementary and secondary,
- First enrollment fees: +20%,
Brevet examination fees +28.5%.  

In full respect of secrecy of the vote of all members of the “Conseil d’Établissement” , we would like to inform you that the votes of the APE went against the budget and the new fee to be applied as of September 2023.
Moreover, as a follow up, we suggested to the Finance Director at the time that he would clearly explain in a written communication to all parents the constraints that may have led him to decide in favor of such important increases.

In our view, the sole argument of general inflation or alignment with other schools in other economic contexts or  maybe in Vienna, but offering incomparable educational facilities, was not sufficient.  

We would be delighted to share more information with you on this point. In that regard you may note that priority will be given to APE members. 

 On behalf of the APE,


Jean-Brice Blavignac